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Terrace Restaurant

Alaturka Terrace Restaurant is the ideal reataurant for your special days and businees meeting and we offer an opulent menu consisting of fish and maet ,our unique sea foods and appetizers We'll be honoured to host you with the view of Blue Mosque ,Hangia Sophia and Marmara Sea. You'll fell like you're out of this world at our terraces either open or closed during the of summer and winter. It is possible to find all of the national and the international drinks with alcohol or non alcohol İn the Alaturka Teras Restaurant which has rich drinks menu. Alaturka Restaurant menu ıs a rich, decent environment provides you with the insatiable delights. Allows you to spend your time while adding a beautiful color chats. Restaurant capacity is 70 persons of closed area, 60 persons of open area. The centerpoint of taste in Istanbul.

What We offer

  • Terrace Restaurant
  • Comfortable Large Lobby
  • Location
  • Airport Pickup Service
  • 24 hour front/reception
  • Breakfast everyday from 8 AM to 11 AM in our terrace